CAT UNTUK KAYU // BEGER WOODSTAIN GLOSS 1.0 LITER DAN 3.8 LITER | Syelek Heavy Duty | Varnish | Shellac kayu
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Product qualification

Super resin provides deep penetration into wood grains and textures for superior adhesion.

• Super resin prevents flaking, peeling and blistering.

• 100% Transparent crystal clear film shows aesthetic natural wood grains and textures.

• UV protection technology, protect the wood from UV and changing weather conditions.

• Water repellent; allows moisture evaporation.

• Cracking resistant due to flexible film.

• Fungus and termite prevention.

• Smooth film, homogenous and easy to use.

• Lead and mercury free; environmental friendly.

• According to TIS Standard : 1513-2554

• According to European Standard : EN71


Application area :

• Exterior & interior, hard and soft wood; i.e. walls, doors, windows, wooden frames, gables, strips, planks, fences, etc.


Remark : Color shades in the catalog may differ from the actual color on the wood surface.



For SOFTWOOD : Apply 1 layer of Beger Wood PRESERVATION B-6900 or BegerDrite Wood PRESERVATIVE (SOLVENT-BASED) to prevent mold, fungus and termite attacks. Let it dry for 1-2 hours.